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Imprudence Poll: Double-Click Teleport: on or off by default?

Imprudence 1.2 has a feature borrowed from the Emerald viewer: double-click teleport, i.e. double-clicking somewhere in the 3D view will instantly teleport your avatar to that location. There are also pie menu entries, “Go Here”, which do the same thing as the double-click teleport.

However, some users have commented that the double-click is too easy to accidently trigger, and can interfere with double-clicking on scripted objects. We have added a confirmation dialog to prevent accidental teleports, but that isn’t an ideal solution, because confirmation dialogs can be annoying and disruptive too.

We’ll be adding an option to allow users to choose whether they want the double-click behavior, but we’re still deciding whether it should be enabled or disabled by default. Mostly this depends on whether more people find double-click useful or annoying.

So, here’s a chance to have your say: Should double-click teleport be enabled or disabled by default?

Head to the forums to vote, or leave a comment here on the blog!

New Windows Installers

The Windows installers for Imprudence 1.2.0 beta 2 have been updated. There was an issue with the old installers having an out-of-date settings.xml file, which made radar notifications (when people enter chat range / enter the sim) not work. If you downloaded the Windows version before today, we recommend that you download and run the new installer:

The Linux and Mac versions are not affected.

Imprudence 1.2.0 beta 2 Released

Imprudence 1.2.0 beta 2 is now available! Hooray! This is mostly a bug fix release, but there are a few feature improvements too. Hopefully it will fix most of the issues posted in the forums. If you’re new to Imprudence,  read the previous blog post for the major features found in 1.2.0. For the full list of the changes in beta 2, check out the release notes.

Note: The pie menu has changed somewhat. See the release notes for details.

This is still a beta release, so expect some issues, particularly when logging in/logging out. As always, please post any issues you have in the forums.


Update: there was an error in the original Windows installers that caused them to use the old beta 1 settings file. Fixed versions have been uploaded.