Imprudence 1.2 beta Released

We’re super stoked to announce the release of the Imprudence 1.2 beta. This new version has tons of great stuff that we know you guys will love!

  • The Object Backup feature allows content creators to import and export objects they’ve created to their hard drive. You can save backup copies for safekeeping, or even migrate your products to another grid! Woot! Thanks to the folks at the Meerkat Viewer for developing this great feature!
  • The Grid Manager allows you to customize the list of grids you can connect to, plus it comes pre-loaded with a variety of popular grids already. This is just the first step in our ongoing commitment to enhanced interoperability with OpenSim grids. Thanks to the Hippo Viewer and Meerkat folks for developing this.
  • Optional Restrained Life support allows Imprudence to work with a variety of BDSM items and scripted gadgets. Our gratitude to Kitty Barnett for her excellent work on RLVa.
  • The new Minimap Radar shows you a list of all the nearby avatars within a customizable range. Try selecting a name on the list to make their minimap icon big and red!
  • A selection of great Emerald Viewer features: Phantom mode, search inventory by creator name, double-click someplace to teleport there, and a bunch more!
  • The Windlight toolbar tab gives you easy access to to your sky settings, including a built-in selection of presets from Ana Lutetia, CodeBastard Redgrave, and Torley (thanks, guys!). Plus, click the arrow to expand it and adjust your draw distance on the fly!
  • Tons and tons and tons of other cool features, fixes, and improvements! Check out the release notes for all the juicy details.

This is a beta release, though, so expect to see some bugs. We’ve got a list of issues we already know about; in particular, you should probably avoid using the Logout feature until we fix a peculiar bug related to that. If you encounter any other issues, please post about them in the forums so we can make sure to fix them!

Now for the goodies:


9 Responses to “Imprudence 1.2 beta Released”

  1. Botgirl Questi

    Thanks for all the hard work! You’re the bomb!

  2. Antonius Misfit

    Don’t know if this is an oversight in development of the 1.2 beta, but I can’t seem to edit the “undershirt” piece of clothing of my avatar. And I can’t activate the “Advanced” menu via Ctrl+Alt+Shift+D on Linux. Otherwise, looking solid so far!

  3. TaraLi Jie

    HOLY TOLEDO! You’ve Emeril’d Emerald!

    Seriously, though – you’ve brought Imprudence back to the fore-front of SL Client development, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

  4. Aggie Rowlands

    Fantastic mix of features – but though streaming sound and voice works, all in-world sound is mute… Roll on the next release!

  5. Imnotgoing Sideways

    On Win7, I’m getting a message saying MSVCR7.DLL is missing. (O.o)

  6. Imnotgoing Sideways

    Okay.. Fixed the DLL issue by downloading the DLL from another site. Now, I’m building, Editing Linked Prims… And I can’t de-link an individual prim… De-linking is disabled when editing linked prims. BAAAAAW! (T_T)

  7. Antonius Misfit

    Immy, I’ve got that de-linking problem as well. As the release announcement suggests, post the bug on the forum:

  8. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    Woo-hoo! Works nicely on the Mac :) The only slight nag is that the Mini-map crashes the viewer immediately when activated. But I can live without it :) Implementing the Grid Manager was awesome for my work on our OpenSim grid (whew, no more command-line parameters) — I wish that Snowglobe’s implementation of OGP worked as well as Imprudence’s Grid Manager :) (yes, I know — different technologies!!)

  9. McCabe Maxsted

    These should all be fixed in beta 2 (except for Advanced’s Linux shortcut, but it’s on the list, no worries).