ImpDev September 22 Recap

The end of September draws near, so we’re starting to wrap up the development cycle for Imprudence 1.2. The emphasis now is on testing and polishing everything to make sure it’s done right.

Unfortunately, the improved user account manager feature will not be part of 1.2, as it was not on track to be ready in time. Instead, we’ll ship 1.2 with a polished version of Meerkat’s grid manager (which works fine, but is not as nice to use as we would like), then include the user account manager in 1.3.

But there’s good news: we’re planning to put out a 1.2 release candidate this week. That will give you, our kind, loving, and beautiful users, a chance to try things out and give us feedback on anything that’s not working right (which hopefully won’t be much). Then we’ll fix up what we can, and have the 1.2 final released next Wednesday!

Now, I had better get back to work!

1 Response to “ImpDev September 22 Recap”

  1. Antonius Misfit

    Can’t wait to try it out, Jacek! I currently use a combination of Emerald for general Second Life use, Hippo for general OpenSim use and Meerkat for importing/exporting my builds between SL and my own hosted OpenSim. I’d use Meerkat solely, but multimedia is borked on Meerkat for Linux right now and Emerald’s features are too numerous to ignore. From what you guys are adding to Imprudence, I might switch to Imprudence again as my main viewer and leave the others on the back burner.