Submitting patches to Imprudence

Want to change something?

In looking over our How You Can Contribute page, it occurred to me that we’ve never formalized our patch submission guidelines. To rectify this, I created a new page on the wiki for submitting patches.

There are three ways to submit a patch to Imprudence:

  1. (preferred!) Clone Imprudence on and push a branch containing your patch, then let us know about it either on the ImpDev mailing list or on the forums. This allows other developers to cherry pick your change and include it faster (see git tutorial).
  2. Attach your patch in our forums. If you’re solving a bug or implementing a feature, attach it to the appropriate post. Letting us know on ImpDev it exists will also help get it applied faster.
  3. Submit your patch directly to the ImpDev mailing list.

I understand not everyone’s keen on mailing lists, but posting on ImpDev is the best way to bring your patch to our attention (bonus points for having a git repository we can follow!). I’ve also included some guidelines for what we like to see in patches, mainly UI-related things.

If you’ve never generated a patch before, that’s okay. There’s a section on that, and I’m always available inworld to help, even if it’s just a one line xml fix.

We’ve got a bunch of cool stuff coming up in the next version of Imprudence. I hope to see some of your names in our release notes!

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