ImpDev September 8 Meetup Recap

Here’s a quicky status update. As usual, full summary and transcript from our weekly meetup are available on the wiki.

  • Jacek has imported RLVa and Meerkat’s object backup feature. Still some polishing left to do. Login manager is next on the list after that.
  • McCabe has imported (or will soon be importing) several Emerald features: Double click inworld to TP; Asset (texture) browser; Animation list; Fetch inventory at startup; Phantom avatar; Sit anywhere; Show object’s previous owner; New prim presets in the create tab; Set chat channel; Draw distance slider.
  • (We’ll be borrowing other Emerald features later, but we don’t want to get carried away and miss our deadline!)
  • Everything is on track to have Imprudence 1.2 ready before the end of September! \o/

5 Responses to “ImpDev September 8 Meetup Recap”

  1. Sasy Scarborough

    I can not wait for Imprudence to have last owner, this is a fabulous tool for catching content theft.

    looking forward to all the new bells and whistles for sure, great job.


  2. Balp Allen

    Draw distance stuff is much much more interesting in current, open a sub-panel wirth draw distance, no-particles and much more performance config.

    Crossing Emerald and imprudace is cool, did you remove kdu support? Or how was it?

  3. Peter Stindberg

    Can I please have a login dialog that let’s me log in as a different identity without the need to shut down the program?

  4. Kakurady

    Sigh, why can people realize that digital assets are not real and plagiarism is not theft?

  5. McCabe Maxsted

    Last owner’s handy! I’m surprised it’s not in the main client, all the info’s already there. For textures, We use OpenJpeg, but I think you can still throw kdu in there? I forget. Anyway, I like the idea of draw distance in a popup… was thinking of doing pretty much exactly that. Any other features you’d recommend I look into?