ImpDev Meetups – Tuesdays at Noon SLT

After a lot of distractions and procrastination, I’ve scheduled the weekly ImpDev Meetups to be every Tuesday at noon SLT. The first meetup will be next week, August 25.

  • What: ImpDev (Imprudence Development) Meetups
  • Who: Imprudence developers, and anyone else interested in following Imprudence’s progress
  • Where: The Imprudent Alcove in Second Life
  • When: Every Tuesday at Noon SLT (i.e. San Francisco time)

The meetups are meant for Imprudence developers to get together, socialize, talk about what we’ve been working on, and come up with plans and ideas for the future. The meetups will be pretty relaxed and informal, and I think will usually run for less than 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, there was no possible meeting time that would have been compatible with the schedules of everyone who responded, so I had to give priority to people who are already fairly active with Imprudence development. But even if you can’t attend the meetings, you can get involved through the mailing list and IRC channel, and of course through the forums. Transcripts for the meetups will be posted on the wiki, and I’ll also try to post summaries here on the blog.

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