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Weekly Imprudence Meetup – When?

We’re thinking of having a weekly meetup for developers and other folks interested in Imprudence’s progress. The purpose of the meetups would be to keep in sync with each other, share what we’ve each been working on, discuss roadmaps and future plans, and generally keep the project moving and active. Anyone is welcome to attend, but be aware that it won’t be a “users group” meeting, it will be focused on getting things done.

So, we want to gather input about what days and times would be best to hold the meeting. We’re leaning towards a weekend meetup (Friday, Saturday, or Sunday), and it would be held most likely in SL or OpenSim, or possibly on IRC. If you would be interested in attending the meetup, please contact me with the days and times (including time zone!) you could attend.

You can contact me via:

  • SL instant message: Jacek Antonelli
  • Email: jacek.antonelli on gmail
  • Comment on this blog post.