Mac Imprudence Test Build with Sound Effects

Greetings, Imprudence fans!

I am super-excited to be able to tell you that, at long last, sound effects work on Mac Imprudence!

Credit goes to Thomas Shikami of the GreenLife Emerald Viewer, who pretty much dropped a working implementation in my lap this weekend. My gratitude for this knows no bounds. Thank you, Thomas!

To recap the current Mac status:

  • All sound effects are expected to work. This including in-world sounds, UI sounds, gestures, etc.
  • Most music streams are expected to work. Please report any that don’t work so that we can hammer on them.
  • Some but not all video streams are expected to work. We’re still gathering information about what formats aren’t working right, so please report any streams that don’t play, especially ones that crash or freeze the viewer.
  • Streams may take several seconds to start, after you press the play button. We’re not sure how or whether we’ll be able to shorten that.
  • This test build is expected to work on MacOS X 10.4 and 10.5 on Intel Macs. This build will not run at all on PowerPC Macs.

If your experience differs from this (e.g. something doesn’t work), please speak up in the forums or leave a comment here. If you’re reporting a stream that doesn’t work, please include the stream URL in your post. You can use the “Advanced > View Admin Options” menu item to be able to see the URL of parcels where it is usually hidden.


Again, please let us know in the forums if you have any issues with this viewer.

P.S. If there’s enough demand for one, I can compile a test build for PowerPC with sound effects but no streaming, but I’d rather wait until the RC3 release, since it’s a bit of a hassle.

5 Responses to “Mac Imprudence Test Build with Sound Effects”

  1. Windows 7 Release Candidate gets new features

    Windows 7 Release Candidate gets new features…

    Esta build (7100. 0. winmain_ win7rc. 090421- 1700) foi compilada na passada Terça- Feira e ao que parece já começou a ser distribuída a parceiros OEM….

  2. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    It’s definitely working for me :)))

  3. Boy Lane

    This is pretty cool. I’ve seen that Thomas added his viewer to the list of Alternate Viewers. Thanks for that, I’m a bit hesitant to look at other’s work if it does not carry some sign of being legitimate. Perhaps over cautious but people do all kind of crazy shit.

    Welcome Thomas, I haven’t met you but you are certainly a welcome addition to the viewer community!


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  5. Agnes Lavochkin

    Should i expect to use it in my mac? Mine is not intel so im afraid to lose SL in the future… all viewers are for intel now =((