Mac Imprudence – Now With More Music!

No foolin’ — I’ve recently made some critical breakthroughs with GStreamer on Mac (huzzah!), so support for streaming music, video, and web should be in place and working acceptably.

A few notes.

  • This version is Intel-only. Preparing Universal Binaries (or even separate Intel/PPC versions) of GStreamer and its plugins will be another can of worms entirely.
  • Sound effects are not expected to work. Sound effects are done through OpenAL, which is not working yet. (There is a teeny tiny chance that sound will work for some people, and please let me know if it does!)
  • If you try this out, please let me know in the forums what works and what doesn’t, along with your system info.
  • Please test a variety of different music and video streams and files, in many different file formats. If you find any streams that don’t work, please post the URL in the forums, too.

Now then, the link:

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