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Mac Imprudence Test Build with Sound Effects

Greetings, Imprudence fans!

I am super-excited to be able to tell you that, at long last, sound effects work on Mac Imprudence!

Credit goes to Thomas Shikami of the GreenLife Emerald Viewer, who pretty much dropped a working implementation in my lap this weekend. My gratitude for this knows no bounds. Thank you, Thomas!

To recap the current Mac status:

  • All sound effects are expected to work. This including in-world sounds, UI sounds, gestures, etc.
  • Most music streams are expected to work. Please report any that don’t work so that we can hammer on them.
  • Some but not all video streams are expected to work. We’re still gathering information about what formats aren’t working right, so please report any streams that don’t play, especially ones that crash or freeze the viewer.
  • Streams may take several seconds to start, after you press the play button. We’re not sure how or whether we’ll be able to shorten that.
  • This test build is expected to work on MacOS X 10.4 and 10.5 on Intel Macs. This build will not run at all on PowerPC Macs.

If your experience differs from this (e.g. something doesn’t work), please speak up in the forums or leave a comment here. If you’re reporting a stream that doesn’t work, please include the stream URL in your post. You can use the “Advanced > View Admin Options” menu item to be able to see the URL of parcels where it is usually hidden.


Again, please let us know in the forums if you have any issues with this viewer.

P.S. If there’s enough demand for one, I can compile a test build for PowerPC with sound effects but no streaming, but I’d rather wait until the RC3 release, since it’s a bit of a hassle.

Vista test viewer


Seems like it’s been a while since I’ve posted on here (or any of my social networking sites for that matter: sorry plurk account!), but that’s just because we’ve had our noses to the grindstone, working out this viewer mess. First, an update.

Jacek’s done a great job removing much of the Linden cruft. The media system now utilizes its own thread that keeps bad urls from crashing or freezing the viewer (a known issue with RC2). She’s also been working on the mac release, so more power to her across the board.

On my end, I’ve been taking a large mallet to both XP and Vista in order to get streaming working on both OSes (Vista definitely being the more painful one). This brings me to the point of this post. I have a viewer that appears to have working streaming across the board, but I need Windows users–particularly those running Windows Vista (or 7 if you’re brave)–to help me test it.

Please, let me know if this viewer solves the media problems you were experiencing under RC2. If it doesn’t, it’d help me tremendously if you could let me know what’s going on. Crash when you play a certain stream? Stop? Sound problems? Whatever.

I’ll be watching here and over in the forums.

New Mac Imprudence Intel Test Build

I’ve uploaded a new test build of Imprudence for Intel Mac, with GStreamer support (i.e. music and some video). This version should work for both Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5. Whichever one you use, please confirm that it (still) works for you! (Unfortunately, PowerPC Mac users are still out of luck, as I’m having trouble compiling some libraries as Universal Binaries.)

We’ve gotten reports of some video streams that cause problems with the last test build. I expect those strems will still cause problems in this build, but please keep posting troublesome stream URLs to the Mac feedback forum thread. (For parcels where the stream URL is hidden, you can cheat and turn on “Advanced > View Admin Options”, then close and re-open the About Land window to see it.) Reporting problem URLs is super important for helping us get media support working well for a variety of media types.

This build includes some of the changes going into the upcoming release candidate, so Mac users get a “sneak peek” at RC3! I won’t bother going into detail yet, since it’s mostly minor stuff.

But I will mention, since it affects testing, that streaming audio/media playback is threaded now, so the viewer will load (buffer) the stream in the background, instead of stalling the whole viewer while it loads. So, please wait up to 30 seconds before deciding that the stream doesn’t work, as it might just be taking a while to get ready. Eventually we’ll provide some sort of visual feedback about the stream progress, but we haven’t gotten to that yet.


And don’t forget to report in the forums!

Mac Imprudence – Now With More Music!

No foolin’ — I’ve recently made some critical breakthroughs with GStreamer on Mac (huzzah!), so support for streaming music, video, and web should be in place and working acceptably.

A few notes.

  • This version is Intel-only. Preparing Universal Binaries (or even separate Intel/PPC versions) of GStreamer and its plugins will be another can of worms entirely.
  • Sound effects are not expected to work. Sound effects are done through OpenAL, which is not working yet. (There is a teeny tiny chance that sound will work for some people, and please let me know if it does!)
  • If you try this out, please let me know in the forums what works and what doesn’t, along with your system info.
  • Please test a variety of different music and video streams and files, in many different file formats. If you find any streams that don’t work, please post the URL in the forums, too.

Now then, the link: