Calling All Windows + ATI Users: Test Boy Lane’s Cool Viewer!

Boy Lane has put out a call for Windows users with ATI graphics cards to try out the latest test build of her Cool Viewer.

Her build incorporates Luricos Alderton patch for VWR-12540, and apparently some users are seeing a 40-100% increase in graphics performance on ATI cards!

Luricos’ and Boy’s efforts on this issue will benefit users of all viewer variants, so I encourage everyone to test it out and let Boy know how well it works for you!

1 Response to “Calling All Windows + ATI Users: Test Boy Lane’s Cool Viewer!”

  1. Boy Lane

    Sadly I have to announce we are not 40% ahead of the pack. Only 35% *chuckles*. And that was measured and is not just a guess :). For both ATI and Nvidia card users. Results here:

    I wrote a long mail to Rob Lanphier of LL and got some positive feedback. LL is looking at the RenderDeferred issue now and there is a new meta issue in Jira for that:
    So there is hope :).