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Calling All Windows + ATI Users: Test Boy Lane’s Cool Viewer!

Boy Lane has put out a call for Windows users with ATI graphics cards to try out the latest test build of her Cool Viewer.

Her build incorporates Luricos Alderton patch for VWR-12540, and apparently some users are seeing a 40-100% increase in graphics performance on ATI cards!

Luricos’ and Boy’s efforts on this issue will benefit users of all viewer variants, so I encourage everyone to test it out and let Boy know how well it works for you!

Mac Imprudence 1.1 RC2 Test Build 1

There’s good news and bad news. The bad news is I’m having continued difficulty with dynamic libraries on Mac. Actually, the difficulties I mentioned last time have been solved, but I’ve run into a whole new set of baffling difficulties. It loads most of the libraries correctly now, but for some reason it likes to load the wrong gstreamer libraries, still. Ah, such fun! *stabbity stabbity*

I’ll return to work on that soon, but in the meantime, the good news: I’ve got a soundless version of Imprudence 1.1 RC2 for you to try! You won’t be able to hear sound effects or use streaming media, but everything else — including new features like Quick Filter and the Worn Items tab — should work correctly!

So far I have only the Intel version ready, but I’m currently attempting a Universal compile. Without the new libraries (OpenAL and GStreamer) to worry about, compiling a Universal binary should be much simpler. I’ll update this post with the Universal link as soon as it’s ready. [Update: It’s ready!]


Once you’ve tried it out for a while, please please please head to the forums and let me know what worked and didn’t work for you! (Obviously, you don’t need to mention that sound and streaming media don’t work…)

Mac Imprudence Status Update (March 15)

Unfortunately, some difficulties have come up with the Mac version, so I won’t be able to release it this weekend as I had hoped.

I packaged up the current build (Intel only, no sound effects) and had some testers try it on Friday. But, they all reported that it wouldn’t run, giving an error that it couldn’t find certain libraries (openal, alut…) — even though the libraries were included in the package. D’oh!

After quite a lot of head scratching, I found out that executables and dynamic libraries on Mac have a weird quirk: they remember the full path of other libraries they depend on, not just the name (as Linux does). So, when the testers tried to run Imprudence, it would try to find “/usr/local/lib/libopenal.0.dylib”, which exists on my computer, but not theirs. Drat!

The good news is that there’s a not-too-difficult way to change the stored path and make it relative to the executable. The bad news is I have to do it for every library that Imprudence depends on, and every library those libraries depend on, and so on. (It’s times like this when I sure appreciate the way GStreamer is split up into dozens of separate modules. It would be too easy to have to fix just one! Thanks, GStreamer!)

I’ve done some shell scripting to automate the worst of it, but there are still a few stray dependencies to deal with. I’m hoping to have something for you guys to download within the next day or two.

Mac Imprudence Coming Soon

Some happy news for Mac users! As of last Friday, I am the proud owner of a new Mac mini (the recently upgraded model). I got it as a development machine, so that I can create Mac versions of software. And you know what that means: Imprudence for Mac!

I’ve spent the past 5 days hammering on Imprudence to get it working on Mac, with partial success. I’ve currently got an Intel-only build of 1.1.0 RC2 with Gstreamer working, but not OpenAL. So, streaming music/video, but not sound effects.

Unfortunately, creating Universal binaries has proven more difficult than I anticipated, since there are so many library dependencies which must also be compiled as UB, and some of them don’t want to cooperate. As for OpenAL, I’m at a loss as to why it doesn’t work; there are no errors, just certain things not doing what they’re supposed to do.

I’ll keep pounding on it, but most likely I’ll release what I’ve got tomorrow evening as an RC, in whatever state it’s in.