Just for fun – flexible sculpties!

As RC2 draws closer, sometimes you need to just take a break from working and play a little. In this case, playing involves applying Qarl Linden’s flexi-sculpt patch, based on a patch by Zwagoth Klaar (JIRA) :)

Flexi-sculpts in action:

Note that this viewer is NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED. It’s just for testing/fun, so if you crash, well, you crash. Don’t expect this feature in Imprudence until the performance issues can be sorted out.

11 Responses to “Just for fun – flexible sculpties!”

  1. Damien Fate
  2. Antonius Misfit

    Hmm, I hear “flexible sculpts” and the first thing that comes to mind is “giant jell-o molds”. Should be fun.

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  5. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    Oh yes! I’ve seen some cool videos of this before, so I didn’t resist and did a mashup of Damien’s videos ;)

    I sure hope that flexisculpties come to Imprundence soon… who know, perhaps sooner than a Mac version ;) *giggles*

  6. Gwyneth Llewelyn

    … I mean on the official release of course :P

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  9. alvan fushikizoh

    where do you add the patch file?

  10. Avela Denimore

    I am such a noob at this whole flexi sculpt thing, and I’ve been looking around, I can’t seem to find any sort of tutorial on how to actually MAKE them.

  11. McCabe Maxsted

    Wow, old post :) You make them flexi the same way you set flexi for normal prims: in the tools window, Feature tab.