Quickfilter Patches

I set aside some time this evening to generate source code patches for the Quickfilter feature we added in 1.1.0 RC1. Other developers can use these patches to add the Quickfilter feature to their own viewers.

There are two versions of the patch, the basic version and the full version. (You should only apply one or the other, not both.) Both versions add a working Quickfilter list to the Inventory window, but the full version also contains a lot of modifications to the inventory type filtering system to better allow filtering by specific types. The main user-visible difference is that the basic version lumps the Clothing and Body Parts types together, while the full version has them separate.

Both patches were generated against Second Life 1.21.6. They’re available under the same license as the Second Life viewer source (i.e. GPLv2 plus FOSS exception).

We’ll publish more patches for other features and changes we’ve made as we find the time. (Of course, our full revision history is available in our Git repositories. These patches just save other developers the trouble of sifting through the whole history to find the right changes.)

1 Response to “Quickfilter Patches”

  1. TaraLi

    This is a really nice thing to do! I expect Henri will incorporate it pretty quickly, for one. Nor would it surprise me for Linden Labs to pull them in and consider them – though I don’t know if you have a contributor’s agreement with them.