Imprudence status update

We’ve been working hard on Imprudence and getting our next version ready for release, 1.1.0. :)

To answer an oft-asked question, yes, there will be sound and streaming media for Linux and Windows (if you’re a Mac dev, please get a hold of us; we would love to be able to offer both those features on OS X). Numerous other usability improvements have also been included. Jacek is still compiling the release notes, but you can read her work-in-progress on our Release Notes page.

Barring any last-minute problems, a testing version of 1.1 RC1 for Linux and Windows should be out the door either by Friday the 30th or Saturday the 31st. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it (and remember to submit all bug reports to the forums!)

6 Responses to “Imprudence status update”

  1. TaraLi

    This is going to kick major @$$!!!! Can’t wait to give it a shot!

  2. Tenk Kidd

    I feel such anticipation! Is there an ‘Official’ SL Group to join, properly affiliated with this effort, so we can help spread the ‘Imprudent’ word? Bring 1.1.0 on! I just wish I was geek enough to compile it myself from the source…

  3. Armin Weatherwax

    :) … suspense …

  4. Yakumo Fujin

    *Waits* Gimmegimmegimme!

    Sound missing is the only thing that actually kept me from making it my main SL client…

  5. Antonius Misfit

    Regarding the Mac version, have you guys tried to get in touch with an in-world user Mac user group? I’m pretty sure there should be a few Mac geeks there willing to try their hand at bringing the Mac version up to par.

  6. Alexandra Rucker

    Have you tried contacting Hyang?