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Imprudence status update

We’ve been working hard on Imprudence and getting our next version ready for release, 1.1.0. :)

To answer an oft-asked question, yes, there will be sound and streaming media for Linux and Windows (if you’re a Mac dev, please get a hold of us; we would love to be able to offer both those features on OS X). Numerous other usability improvements have also been included. Jacek is still compiling the release notes, but you can read her work-in-progress on our Release Notes page.

Barring any last-minute problems, a testing version of 1.1 RC1 for Linux and Windows should be out the door either by Friday the 30th or Saturday the 31st. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it (and remember to submit all bug reports to the forums!)

Mac Developer Needed!

Greetings and happy new year, everyone! I’ve been a bit quiet around here lately — a series of computer hardware failures stole three weeks of Imprudence development time from me, starting right after we released 1.0.0. Phooey! But my computer is all better now, so it’s back to work for me.

Happily, McCabe has been marching along during that time, and as you can see from his latest post, sound (and even video!) is now working great on Windows! Even with my lost time, I think we should still be able to have an RC ready before the end of January.

The biggest problem now, though, is that we have no Mac developer! Sound isn’t functional on Mac — and worse, no progress is being made. We’ve simply got no one who can work on it.

Wherever possible, we try to have the same features available on all platforms. As a Linux user for many years, I know how it feels to be excluded because of your choice of operating system, and I’m not keen to put anyone else in that position. But it wouldn’t be right to hold back the other platforms indefinitely, waiting for help that may never come — we’d have to move forward, with the Mac version remaining silent.

But I hope it won’t come to that. I hope that someone with experience writing, compiling, linking, and debugging C++ programs on a Mac will step up soon and help their fellow Mac users out.

Sound? Sound? What is sound?

I hope everyone had a happy holidays (and good New Years hangover recovery). 

As you are probably aware by now, the 1.0 release of Imprudence lacked one key feature: sound. The libraries Linden Lab’s viewer uses to handle sound are both proprietary, and since Imprudence is released under the GPLv2 license, these libraries are incompatible with our viewer. Hence, they’ve been disabled. 

In keeping with our Imprudent spirit, we decided it was best to put 1.0 out there for the masses to test and enjoy, while we worked behind the scenes to correct this deficit (and others) for our next release. 

I’m pleased to say that thus far, we have the following working on Linux and Windows:

  • Inworld sound using OpenAL. 
  • Streaming media (music, videos, and webpages) using GStreamer. 
Both are fully GPL-compatible, and rely on work done by the community.


A preview pic:

Jon Stewart on Crossfire

Imprudence 1.1.0 alpha build


I know it can be hard to get much from an image, but if you were looking at my screen you’d notice a few things:

  • Streaming music is playing. 
  • I’m watching streaming video inworld (Jon Stewart’s appearance on Crossfire to be precise).
  • The UI is making little clicky sounds when I click buttons. 
  • This is an alpha build. These features still have bugs we need to iron out before any sort of release happens.

But, sound is there, and we’re actively working on it, as well as some other nifty usability improvements that are slated to go into 1.1.

1.0 was our baseline. 1.1 really will be the Imprudence Project’s first big steps as we move our viewer farther away from LL, and more towards the metaverse community. I know I’m excited :)