Imprudence Progress Update (December 10)

  • We haven’t received any awful reports about Imprudence 1.0.0 RC2 (aside from the known issues that are planned to be fixed), so we’ll be moving ahead with the release. We should be offering the 1.0.0 final release this weekend. (If you’ve got any issues to report for RC2, speak now so we can fix them in time!)

    The upcoming release is extremely exciting for McCabe and I. Sure, there’s the excitement of it being our first true release version, but it’s more than that. As I’ve said before, the focus of 1.0.0 has just been to get the project established, not to do any major usability work. So, even with all the kudos we’ve received for the RCs, in our minds we’re just getting warmed up. Once we get the 1.0.0 release out, the real fun begins.

  • I’ve been taking advantage of the “down time” (hah!) while you guys test RC2 to expand on my Inventory Quick Filter feature (which will be in 1.1.0). You’ll notice from the screenshot in my earlier post that the Clothing and Body Parts inventory types were lumped together. Blech, that won’t do!

    The lumping together was due to a design shortcoming in the internal guts of the inventory type system, which had no concept of “Clothing” or “Body Parts” as separate inventory types, but rather grouped them together in the broad category of “Wearables”. I briefly flirted with using a different type system, the asset type, which separated Clothing from Body Parts… but it didn’t separate Textures from Snapshots! And to make things even more confusing, the Wearables have a third type system, which separates them into Skin, Eyes, Shirt, Pants, etc. What a mess!

    So, what’s a programmer to do? Obviously, implement another, more useful inventory type system, which can replace all the other ones! The new system not only separates Clothing from Body Parts, but also supports filtering by each individual clothing or body part type! We’re still pondering the best way to make that secod bit of functionality available via the user interface, but the internal guts are all there. Exciting stuff! (If you’re interested in all the geeky details, check out my two plurks on the subject.)

  • Speaking of the filtering system, you’d be surprised the things you find out from looking at the source code. For instance, I discovered that LL had partially implemented filtering by item permissions and specifying end dates for the filter by date-range feature. Why they didn’t finish them, I don’t know, but it wouldn’t be too hard for the community to do it ourselves.

5 Responses to “Imprudence Progress Update (December 10)”

  1. Mitch Wagner


  2. Garn Conover

    Heh who knows when LL is concerned… So many opportunities that are out there that they seem to just ignore or just not take advantage of! Yeay for Fun! :) I’ve been waiting for the fun to begin just to see what we can do with this :)

  3. QueenKellee Kuu


    If Imprudence someday soon will be able to filter inventory items by *item of clothing* or *particular body part* that will be amazing. It’s a feature I’ve longed for forever!

    This is huuuuuuge! And I just read your plurk, and although I’m not nearly as geek-brilliant as you, I think I understand it and wow that’s powerful stuff

  4. Dale Innis

    ooooo, filtering by permission would be Teh Awesomeness!

  5. Hazel

    tralala, I will be able to tidy my drawers at last! ^^ hooray!