Imprudence Progress Update (December 3)

  • We’ve signed up for Amazon S3, so there’ll be no more worries about running out of bandwidth. Hurray! (We’re still burning through a gigabyte of downloads each day, even two weeks after the RC came out. That plus the expected bandwidth spikes after each release would not have played nicely with my web hosting plan.)

  • Borrowing some code from the Meerkat Viewer — whose logo is much more adorable than ours, I’ll admit — McCabe has got OpenAL (sound) working on Windows! That just leaves Mac to sort out. The plan is still to add sound back in for all platforms in time for 1.1.0. As a total shot in the dark, I would put 1.1.0 in early to mid January (at least an RC, if not a full release).

  • RC2 is finalized and being prepared for release this weekend! The release notes are available on the wiki. As you’ll see, we’ve fixed nearly all of the issues you guys reported in RC1, and also slipped in some likely fixes for those nasty disappearing attachments and palletized texture issues!

    We’ll be counting on you guys to check things out and see whether those issues are suitably fixed or not. We’ll also need you to help us pin down why some of you are seeing partially transparent skirts. (That is a bug, not an intentional feature. Sorry to disappoint, voyeurs! ;P)

    See you this weekend!

3 Responses to “Imprudence Progress Update (December 3)”

  1. Mitch Wagner

    The Meerkat logo may be cuter, but the Imprudence viewer has YOU, so that makes up for it.

  2. Peter Stindberg

    Where/how do I submit bug reports and feature request?

  3. McCabe Maxsted

    Peter: currently bug reports should be filed in our forum thread for RC1. Please read the thread to make sure your bug hasn’t already been reported.

    We have a Wishlist for keeping track of features we’d like to include, but we’d prefer new feature requests to be made in the forums.