Imprudence Progress Update (November 23)

  • Over 1000 people have downloaded Imprudence 1.0.0 RC1 in the week since we released it! RC1 was covered on Massively and NWN among other places, so I think we know who to blame thank. There was some concern about bandwidth usage, but things calmed down after the first few days. We’re looking into Amazon S3 and other solutions for future releases.
  • We received a lot of excellent feedback in the forums about bugs and other issues, and we’ve fixed nearly all of them. I also threw in likely fixes for VWR-9358 (palletized textures issue) and VWR-8920 (attachments disappearing when you zoom in), though the credit for those lies elsewhere (Angus Boyd for the former and Linden Lab for the latter). I think we’ll be releasing RC2 fairly soon — hopefully next weekend, though it’s hard to say for sure.
  • We’ve also been working on adding back sound, integrating Tofu Linden’s OpenAL patch. Getting sound to work on Linux was a simple matter with that patch, but Windows has proven more troublesome, and we haven’t looked at Mac yet. But, we plan to have sound on all three platforms for version 1.1.0 (which would be the version after 1.0.0, aside from a possible bug fix version).
  • Also scheduled for 1.1.0 is a new minor feature I’ve been tinkering on, Inventory Quick Filter, which you may recognize if you’ve looked at my UI design from this past spring. Here’s what the real, functional feature looks like right now:

    Screenshot of the Inventory Quick Filter feature.

    The Quick Filter drop-down list allows you to easily filter your inventory by item type. That filter functionality has existed in SL for a long, long time, but its existing interface (Inventory window, File > Show Filters) was hard to find and awkward to use. The real Quick Filter list isn’t as fancy as the one from my imagination — yet — but it works pretty well. I’ll probably continue tinkering on it to make it even nicer

    (By the way, it took one night to add a basic functional filter list, and a second night to polish it up and iron out the wrinkles — and that’s including the time spent studying LL’s UI code. If you’re wondering why someone from LL didn’t just sit down and make something like this already… well, you know our thoughts on that.)

3 Responses to “Imprudence Progress Update (November 23)”

  1. Garn Conover

    Awesome! yea I can’t wait myself :) I want the yellow friend indicator and the addition McCabe and I though of and well woooot!

  2. Kara Spengler

    Yay! Once sound is added (although I could care less about voice) it will probably become my default client. My biggest wish is something added to other 3rd party clients — double clicking an item to wear it.

  3. SuezanneC Baskerville

    Any chance we could filter clothes by type of clothes – shoes, shirts, jackets, etc.?