Imprudence 1.0.0 RC1 Released

It has been an intense two and a half months since we first announced the Imprudence project. There has been laughter, there has been joy, there has been boredom and frustration, stress and near burn-out, and a medley of other emotions thrown in there as well.

But today it’s all worth it, because today the first release candidate of the Imprudence Viewer is ready!

This is a testing release to give you, the most awesome community in the multiverse, a chance to try it out and see what does and doesn’t work right. We’re counting on you to give us some thorough feedback so we can make the release version totally kick ass!

As I’ve mentioned before, the focus of the first version has been simply to get the project established, so you won’t see any major UI improvements yet. But, this version does contain a wide variety of small improvements created by SL Residents — JIRA patches that LL hasn’t (yet) accepted. Among those are a number of useful improvements for builders, several memory leak and stability fixes by Nicholaz, and lots more. You can check out the release notes for the full skinny.

There are a few things to be aware of before you try it out, though. The biggest thing you’ll notice is that there is no sound or voice yet! Sound will be fixed for the next version. We’re not sure about voice yet, since there are some sticky, smelly licensing things we need to investigate first. Time will tell.

There are also a few other known issues that you might run into, so be on the watch for those. Seriously, read the list. It’s not that long. Go on, do it. It’ll be fun.

Alright, here come the downloads!

After you’ve tried it out, we would love you long time if you’d take a few minutes to post your feedback in the forums — the good, the bad, anything broken, anything you like, etc. We’re lending you our ears, so put them to good use!

7 Responses to “Imprudence 1.0.0 RC1 Released”

  1. Daniel Voyager

    WoooT, this is awesome!

  2. Chaddington Boomhauer

    Nice work! You guys should rip-out vivox and replace it with skype :)

  3. M2life Paravane

    I like it! :-) With the SL viewer I was always crashing. Today is my first experience with Imprudence but no crashes after 5 hours inworld.

  4. Nexii Malthus

    Sweeet! Can’t wait to try it out.. *downloading*

  5. Garn Conover

    About time someone started using those patches all over Jira, haha I just got the post, now Angela Linden is finally going to add Jacek’s XML Advanced menu to the main client.

  6. Khiron Ametza

    I simply couldnt try it out…
    Installing Imprudence I got an error 193…
    Can somebody help me please?


  7. Jacek Antonelli

    Hi Khiron. The error 193 is due to a bug in the installer, which will be fixed for the next release candidate. That error doesn’t hurt anything, it just stops the viewer from running automatically after installation. You can start the viewer yourself from the Start menu, desktop shortcut, or from the directory where you installed it.