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Imprudence Flickr Group

Moggs Oceanlane has put together a neat Flickr group for Imprudence! There are some great snapshots there showing off new UI features (and a few bugs!) in the Imprudence Viewer. Join the group and add your own snapshots of the Imprudence Viewer in action!

Imprudence Progress Update (November 23)

  • Over 1000 people have downloaded Imprudence 1.0.0 RC1 in the week since we released it! RC1 was covered on Massively and NWN among other places, so I think we know who to blame thank. There was some concern about bandwidth usage, but things calmed down after the first few days. We’re looking into Amazon S3 and other solutions for future releases.
  • We received a lot of excellent feedback in the forums about bugs and other issues, and we’ve fixed nearly all of them. I also threw in likely fixes for VWR-9358 (palletized textures issue) and VWR-8920 (attachments disappearing when you zoom in), though the credit for those lies elsewhere (Angus Boyd for the former and Linden Lab for the latter). I think we’ll be releasing RC2 fairly soon — hopefully next weekend, though it’s hard to say for sure.
  • We’ve also been working on adding back sound, integrating Tofu Linden’s OpenAL patch. Getting sound to work on Linux was a simple matter with that patch, but Windows has proven more troublesome, and we haven’t looked at Mac yet. But, we plan to have sound on all three platforms for version 1.1.0 (which would be the version after 1.0.0, aside from a possible bug fix version).
  • Also scheduled for 1.1.0 is a new minor feature I’ve been tinkering on, Inventory Quick Filter, which you may recognize if you’ve looked at my UI design from this past spring. Here’s what the real, functional feature looks like right now:

    Screenshot of the Inventory Quick Filter feature.

    The Quick Filter drop-down list allows you to easily filter your inventory by item type. That filter functionality has existed in SL for a long, long time, but its existing interface (Inventory window, File > Show Filters) was hard to find and awkward to use. The real Quick Filter list isn’t as fancy as the one from my imagination — yet — but it works pretty well. I’ll probably continue tinkering on it to make it even nicer

    (By the way, it took one night to add a basic functional filter list, and a second night to polish it up and iron out the wrinkles — and that’s including the time spent studying LL’s UI code. If you’re wondering why someone from LL didn’t just sit down and make something like this already… well, you know our thoughts on that.)

Imprudence 1.0.0 RC1 Released

It has been an intense two and a half months since we first announced the Imprudence project. There has been laughter, there has been joy, there has been boredom and frustration, stress and near burn-out, and a medley of other emotions thrown in there as well.

But today it’s all worth it, because today the first release candidate of the Imprudence Viewer is ready!

This is a testing release to give you, the most awesome community in the multiverse, a chance to try it out and see what does and doesn’t work right. We’re counting on you to give us some thorough feedback so we can make the release version totally kick ass!

As I’ve mentioned before, the focus of the first version has been simply to get the project established, so you won’t see any major UI improvements yet. But, this version does contain a wide variety of small improvements created by SL Residents — JIRA patches that LL hasn’t (yet) accepted. Among those are a number of useful improvements for builders, several memory leak and stability fixes by Nicholaz, and lots more. You can check out the release notes for the full skinny.

There are a few things to be aware of before you try it out, though. The biggest thing you’ll notice is that there is no sound or voice yet! Sound will be fixed for the next version. We’re not sure about voice yet, since there are some sticky, smelly licensing things we need to investigate first. Time will tell.

There are also a few other known issues that you might run into, so be on the watch for those. Seriously, read the list. It’s not that long. Go on, do it. It’ll be fun.

Alright, here come the downloads!

After you’ve tried it out, we would love you long time if you’d take a few minutes to post your feedback in the forums — the good, the bad, anything broken, anything you like, etc. We’re lending you our ears, so put them to good use!

Progress Update (November 7)

Ah, how time slips out of one’s hands like a greased-up baby hippopotamus.

Since I last wrote, we’ve been continuing our work to establish the project and prepare the first version of Imprudence for release:

  • Wiki. We’ve set up a project wiki. Excitement abounds! It’s not quite as voluminous as Wikipedia, but there’s some neat stuff there already.
  • Compile instructions. We’ve spent a good deal of effort creating accurate and up-to-date instructions for compiling Imprudence from source on Linux, Mac, and Windows. The information there documents the processes we’re using ourselves. (Note: Precompiled binary versions will be available at release time; you won’t need to compile anything. But you could if you wanted!)
  • Nightly source snapshots. Of course, compile instructions would be useless if there wasn’t something for you to compile! We’ve set up an automated script to generate a nightly ZIP file of the latest Imprudence source, for those of you not comfortable downloading the source with Git.
  • Feature freeze. This is old news, but it’s worth mentioning here: the viewer code for Imprudence version 1 is in “feature freeze”. That means no new features are being added to this version; the only code changes to this version will be bug fixes and improving the compile/package process. (But naturally, there is already feature work going on for the next release after that!)
  • Mac version nearly ready. Eloise Pasteur and Rheta Shan have both graciously volunteered to compile Imprudence for Mac. I’ve been working with them to get them both set up with solid compile environment, and it has paid off: Imprudence has been successfully compiled and run on Mac. We are now working on the packaging process to get that stuffed into a .DMG for downloading.
  • Windows and Linux versions, too. Mac isn’t the only platform making good progress. McCabe is hard at work establishing the process for creating the Windows installer, and I’m checking over the Linux package.

If all goes according to our sinister plan, we’re looking at having release candidates available within the next week or two. Fingers, toes, and tentacles crossed!