The Symbol of Imprudence

Stylized purple hand, palm forward, with thumb and pinky extended in a 'shaka' sign. Underneath is the word Imprudence in capital letters.

The shaka sign is a Hawai'ian gesture of friendship and good times. As the symbol of this project, it stands for the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere we should always keep. We should take every turn of events in good humor, and never grow rigid or staid.

The image is intentionally rough-cut in design, to ward off harmful perfectionism. A “perfect” thing resists change, even when change would lead to further improvement. We should eschew perfection, and instead strive for true excellence via early working prototypes, feedback from real users, and a boldness to change what needs to be changed.

As we undertake this project, let this symbol remind us that it is our prerogative to throw prudence to the wind. Be bold, have fun, and make something excellent.

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