Those darn missing features

As our first release of Imprudence steadily draws closer, one of the joys of this project has been being able to implement features missing from the Linden client–ones that, if submitted to the JIRA, would most probably be rejected for one reason or another.

For example, I’ve recently been updating the web browser:

Menu Option for Internal Browser

Menu Option for Internal Browser

Home Button Functionality

Home Button Functionality

For those who are curious why the scrollbars in the last picture are for the silver skin, worry not, that was a Linden bug in 1.21.2, which is the branch I’ve been working on, and was fixed in 1.21.3. (We’ve since updated the Imprudence source to 1.21.6, and are in the process of merging branches. Git really is a powerful tool once you get to know her :))

The corrupted menubar in the first image is also a Linden bug: VWR-3947 (a mild ATI bug. By comparison, nVidia users who were forced to update to 1.20.17 are currently dealing with VWR-7957, a nasty bug that causes your avatar’s skin to turn multiple colors for you and everyone who sees you).

Sadly, we can’t wave a magic wand and make all of these Linden bugs go away. What we can do, though, is make the viewer a better experience for you, so that when you do have a bug-free experience, it’ll hopefully be a better one than you had before.

Adding missing features is a part of that; so is improving the current feature set, and refactoring. As always, I encourage everyone to come post on our forums. We’re taking many of our usability ideas from there.

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  1. Maggie Darwin

    Apropos of VWR-7957, don’t fail to note that the real cause of that problem is actually decribed in a comment to VWR-9358 by Angus Boyd:
    NVIDIA drivers 178.x obviously changed the exported OpenGL functions which are related to palletized textures and this eventually revealed a bug in the viewer which seems to be there since a long time already.
    It is actually just a small typo in “void LLGLManager::initExtensions()”

    The line:
    mHasPalettedTextures = glh_init_extension(“GL_EXT_paletted_texture”);
    needs to get changed to:
    mHasPalettedTextures = glh_init_extensions(“GL_EXT_paletted_texture”);

    Please note the minor difference: The original code invokes the function “glh_init_extension” (without a trailing ‘s’) which does not check the OpenGL extension strings for existence of the palletized textures feature. The fixed code invokes the function “glh_init_extensions” (with a trailing ‘s’) which checks the OpenGL extension strings for existence of the feature and initializes the function pointers.