Progress Update – October 14

Distractions and a mental roadblock this past week have set my schedule back a bit, but things are still moving along.

The dull rebranding work — sifting through the source code and replacing “Second Life” with “Imprudence” where appropriate — is mostly done. The replacement fonts are, barring any strong objections, chosen. The logo is still under discussion, but I expect we’ll be making a decision on that in the next few days.

We had a small meeting on October 4 to discuss the roadmap for Imprudence in the future, and decided on the bare bones of what our process will be, going forward. I’ll be posting more about that soon.

We still need someone with a Mac who’s willing to compile Imprudence and help us in making sure everything works on that platform. It isn’t painful, the software is free to download, and I can personally walk you through the process. If you’re up for helping with that, leave a comment or email me (jacek.antonelli at gmail) — you’ll be doing a service to your fellow Mac users!

2 Responses to “Progress Update – October 14”

  1. Daisy Overlord

    Could *try* to help you out on the Mac thing if you are still looking for a guinea pig ~_^ As long as you are sure it’s not painful.

  2. Jacek Antonelli

    Thanks for the offer. Fortunately, we’ve found a victim– er, a volunteer for the Mac version. Two, actually, which is great in case one of them doesn’t survive. If for some reason we need another one, we’ll kidnap– er, contact you. :)