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The Symbol of Imprudence

Stylized purple hand, palm forward, with thumb and pinky extended in a 'shaka' sign. Underneath is the word Imprudence in capital letters.

The shaka sign is a Hawai'ian gesture of friendship and good times. As the symbol of this project, it stands for the relaxed and welcoming atmosphere we should always keep. We should take every turn of events in good humor, and never grow rigid or staid.

The image is intentionally rough-cut in design, to ward off harmful perfectionism. A “perfect” thing resists change, even when change would lead to further improvement. We should eschew perfection, and instead strive for true excellence via early working prototypes, feedback from real users, and a boldness to change what needs to be changed.

As we undertake this project, let this symbol remind us that it is our prerogative to throw prudence to the wind. Be bold, have fun, and make something excellent.

Those darn missing features

As our first release of Imprudence steadily draws closer, one of the joys of this project has been being able to implement features missing from the Linden client–ones that, if submitted to the JIRA, would most probably be rejected for one reason or another.

For example, I’ve recently been updating the web browser:

Menu Option for Internal Browser

Menu Option for Internal Browser

Home Button Functionality

Home Button Functionality

For those who are curious why the scrollbars in the last picture are for the silver skin, worry not, that was a Linden bug in 1.21.2, which is the branch I’ve been working on, and was fixed in 1.21.3. (We’ve since updated the Imprudence source to 1.21.6, and are in the process of merging branches. Git really is a powerful tool once you get to know her :))

The corrupted menubar in the first image is also a Linden bug: VWR-3947 (a mild ATI bug. By comparison, nVidia users who were forced to update to 1.20.17 are currently dealing with VWR-7957, a nasty bug that causes your avatar’s skin to turn multiple colors for you and everyone who sees you).

Sadly, we can’t wave a magic wand and make all of these Linden bugs go away. What we can do, though, is make the viewer a better experience for you, so that when you do have a bug-free experience, it’ll hopefully be a better one than you had before.

Adding missing features is a part of that; so is improving the current feature set, and refactoring. As always, I encourage everyone to come post on our forums. We’re taking many of our usability ideas from there.

Progress Update – October 14

Distractions and a mental roadblock this past week have set my schedule back a bit, but things are still moving along.

The dull rebranding work — sifting through the source code and replacing “Second Life” with “Imprudence” where appropriate — is mostly done. The replacement fonts are, barring any strong objections, chosen. The logo is still under discussion, but I expect we’ll be making a decision on that in the next few days.

We had a small meeting on October 4 to discuss the roadmap for Imprudence in the future, and decided on the bare bones of what our process will be, going forward. I’ll be posting more about that soon.

We still need someone with a Mac who’s willing to compile Imprudence and help us in making sure everything works on that platform. It isn’t painful, the software is free to download, and I can personally walk you through the process. If you’re up for helping with that, leave a comment or email me (jacek.antonelli at gmail) — you’ll be doing a service to your fellow Mac users!

Logo Madness!

Imprudence Logo Draft (Rock Hand): Stylized purple hand with index and pinky fingers extended in a 'rock out' or 'horns' gesture. Imprudence Logo Draft (Sign language letter I): Stylized purple hand with pinky extended in the American Manual Alphabet handshape for the letter I Imprudence Logo Draft (Shaka): Stylized purple hand with thumb and pinky finger extended in a 'shaka' or 'hang ten' surfer gesture.

As you can see, we’ve got three solid candidates for the logo of the Imprudence project! (The fourth candidate, a purple hand flipping the bird, was ruled out for some reason.) All three are drafts, and will be polished up a bit for the final version. Here are their descriptions:

  1. Rock Hand: Stylized purple hand with index and pinky fingers extended in a “rock out” or “horns” gesture.
  2. Sign language letter I: Stylized purple hand with pinky extended in the American Manual Alphabet sign for the letter I.
  3. Shaka: Stylized purple hand with thumb and pinky finger extended in a “shaka” or “hang ten” surfer gesture.

Tell us which you like — and more importantly, whyin the forums! (Or if you’re too lazy to sign up in the forums, just leave a comment here on the blog. :P)

Progress Update – October 2

Here’s what’s up with Imprudence these days:

  • Timeline. I’m aiming to have the first version of Imprudence finalized within the next week or so — say, by October 12. (“Finalized” means the code is ready to go, and just needs to be compiled and packaged for each operating system.)

    The roadmap and timeline for future versions will be discussed this Saturday.

  • Forums. There has been a lot of activity in the forums lately, and some very interesting discussions going on about topics as diverse as AOs, the Preferences window, Busy Mode, and plenty of others. Check them out, and let us know your thoughts!

    I must say, too, that it’s great to see this level of activity and involvement from the community. I’d like to give a bit of special recognition to Amaya and dandellion in particular for their wonderful involvement in the forums lately. My personal thanks to them, and to all the others who are offering their comments, ideas, and feedback!

  • Logo. We need to replace the trademarked green eye-in-hand SL logo, but Imprudence doesn’t have its own logo yet. Anyone got ideas for what our logo should be? (McCabe has suggested an Imp of some sort, perhaps.)

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Orange Island Discussion Transcript Available

If you were unable to attend the discussion yesterday for Orange Island Innovation Week but are interested in what we talked about, you’re in luck! The good folks at Orange Island have posted a transcript of the event for your downloading pleasure!

Inworld Coders Meeting

If you are interested in working on the Imprudence source, we’ll be meeting inworld this Saturday to discuss coding, our viewer roadmap, and converting feature requests into coding tasks.