Progress Update – September 22

If I’ve been quiet here lately, it’s not that I’m slacking off. Quite the opposite! I’ve been busy importing all the patches that are going into the first version of Imprudence, and making some significant progress. I’d estimate that we are 85-90% done with the code work for the first release.

The code changes for this first version come for the most part from nearly 20 patches: a selection of usability improvement patches from various open sourcers, plus several of Nicholaz Beresford’s crash and memory leak fixes that Linden Lab never quite got around to applying. I’ve also thrown in a couple quick tweaks (e.g. stopped it disabling the “Offer Teleport” on the profiles of people not on your friends list) for good measure. I’ll have a prettier list of changes come release time, but if you’re dying to know right now, you can have a look at the running Change Log.

All the community patches have been imported to the code repository, and I’ve been merging everything together towards the “next” branch, which will become the first release version when it’s done. Right now, everything has been merged there except for one patch which introduced a nasty (but easily fixed) crash.

As I said, 85-90% of the code work is complete. But, there’s still more to be done before we can release! In particular, we urgently need volunteers to be available to compile and package the viewer for Windows and MacOS X (universal binary). Ideally, these would be people who already have an established work environment for compiling the SL source. Without volunteers for that, we’ll only a Linux version ready at release time, which would be a tiny bit disappointing for Windows and Mac users.

If you can help with that (or know someone who can), leave a comment or post to the forums or mailing list. You don’t need to know how to use Git (though it certainly wouldn’t hurt); I can provide the source in a zip or other package. I will need to work with you to ensure that no proprietary libraries are linked to or included in the final package, though. (Unfortunately that means Imprudence will have no sound support in the first version or two, and probably no voice support for a long time, if ever. But that’s the way the proprietary cookie crumbles.)

2 Responses to “Progress Update – September 22”

  1. Latransa

    I wonder if it would be appropriate to make a note on the corresponding JIRA issues, to the effect that “this patch” or a “proposed solution” can be tried out in an alternative viewer . I suppose opinions on that would differ, and in come cases, be rather noisy.

  2. Michael Cela

    What sort of environment is necessary for the Windows compile? I might be able to help. I could use the practice compiling builds :)