Discussion Opportunities

There are several topics of discussion than anyone and everyone can participate in to help guide the course of the Imprudence project. We’re trying to serve SL users at large, so we need as many viewpoints represented as possible!

Participating in the forums or mailing list is a great way to contribute to the Imprudence project, even if you aren’t a tech whiz or fancy artiste.

Here are a few of the topics of discussion on the forums right now:

  • The Little Things that Drive You Nuts: Hate it when the inventory opens up all your folders? Wish you didn’t have to go through so many clicks just to invite someone to a group? Want the ability to set perms on multiple objects at once? Those are just a few of the hair-pullers that people have posted in the forums! What are your SL interface pet peeves?
  • Favorite Usability JIRAs?: Do you know a good JIRA when you see it? Post the issue numbers of some of your favorite open JIRA issues. We’re especially looking for patches we could integrate into the Imprudence Viewer. (You can also chime in on the mailing list, if that’s more your style.)
  • Features and commands I never use in the official viewer: Ever looked at the UI and thought, “Why does _____ need a button / preference / menu entry? Who even uses that, anyway?” Help us identify some of the features and commands that don’t need to be featured so prominently in the interface.

See you on the forums / list!

P.S. We’re also looking for bloggers to make occasional summary posts like this one, to highlight what’s new and interesting with the project. Interested in doing that? Email jacek.antonelli at gmail.

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